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Weekly theme was abstract. Actually have no idea what this is/was.
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Week 34 was graffiti -- not my favorite shot but since it vaguely fits the theme I'm...
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04 Aug

Matilda Monday

in Personal

Matilda wears a veil for your protection.  Doctors say that she is so pretty that to look directly upon her face may cause permanent retinal damage.



01 Aug

20 Baby Products Great For Traumatizing Infants |

in Funny, Personal, Products, WTF?!

Big thanks for my friend Megan for this.  Ohhh, Matilda is in soooo much trouble!!

image    image  image

31 Jul

Spain to grant limited human rights to Great Apes

in Animals

Ironic since in the U.S. we seem to have a problem granting them to the humans!  Seriously though, it's a neat bill - it would make it illegal to kill an Ape (except in imageself-defense).  It would also protect them from torture which would preclude their subjugation for medical experimentation.  And the best part - no arbitrary imprisonment! 

Actually, while circuses and zoos would be prevented from imprisoning any further Apes, those currently housed will remain (for their own protection) but it would require the administrations to provide more humane housing.    And speaking as someone who has been to the Barcelona Zoo, I can tell you it is a place where the animals are in sore need of some pampering.

29 Jul

This is your brain on Hope

in Elections, Video

This has to be the best campaign spot I've seen in a long, loooong time.  Because I've checked back into the THF archives and it seems that the last time I felt any genuine hope was, well ... November 7th 2006.  And as good as that turned out, it wasn't nearly enough. 

I can't tell you when it happened or how I caught it, but I too have Obama Fever.

Do you?

28 Jul

Cameraheads in Seattle protest CCTVs in public places - Boing Boing

in Surveillance Society, WTF?!

In a word: Awesome! camerahead

Local artist Paul Strong, Jr. says he’s holding the demonstration, called the Camerahead Project, to remind people that video surveillance cameras are recording their every move at Cal Anderson Park and three other parks around town. “The project not only raises the questions of who is watching who and who is watching the watchers, but also … why we are being watched at all,” he says. “There is so much going on in the news about wiretapping and data mining, all these little thing that happen locally go right by.”

21 Jul

Sex = death by the fiery pestilence of venereal disease

in Funny, Religion, Video

By the hammer of Thor, this has got to be the funniest thing I've seen in a week!

You just can't make this stuff up!