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Some blogs I visit every day:

AMERICAblog - An impressively active multi-blogger site with news of interest and opinions from a wide spectrum of politics, human interest, and get-a-clue-angry-dudes.

DoubleSpeak - A truly beautiful and well-designed site with radio blogging from the left and astute, wry, and piercing political commentary.

I Blame The Patriarchy - (wo)Man, can this girl write! Although this site is not one of the most active in the blogosphere, it is usually among my first stops. A MUST read!

A Tiny Revolution - In my humble opinion, this site boats the most level-headed and astute blogging minds in this universe or any other.

Crooks and Liars - One of the most comprehensive sites on the internets for video clips of political interest and nightly music.

XQUZYPHYR & Overboard - Moderated by a cartoonist working for Campus Progress who has a decidedly shrewd political savvy alongside an impeccably sharp eye for "The Weird".

This Modern World - Moderated by cartoonist Tom Tomorrow, this site has turned multi-blogger as of late and features a one-stop collection of some of the best bloggers on this list. Access, of course, to one of the greatest political cartoons published in existence.

Hullabaloo - Not for the lazy purveyor looking for a spoon-fed trough of opinions. Contributors are far more likely to submit longer posts on a few topics that are consistently well-researched and relevant.

Eschaton - One of the originals, this site boasts not only an impressive quantity of interesting posts, but also one of the most active comment / discussion forums in the blogosphere.

Ezra Klein - A mutli-blogger site with an uncannily sharp eye and articulate style, you never know if the next post will make you laugh or cry.

Bob - A very funny and clever Jeapordy! Fanatic with an insatiable appetite for irony and all the little pudus of the world.

Wonkette - One of the most active and consistent blogs on the net, you can always be sure your visit will be filled with news of interest and things to piss you off, but balanced with a healthy dose of humor and the absurd.

TPM Muckraker - An indispensable daily guide for all the activity in the Beltway delivered to your screen hours (sometimes weeks) before it hits CNN.

TAPPED - Blogging from The American Prospect, this site boasts topics of intrest contributed from all throughout the blogosphere.

My Left Wing - An active and judicious selection of op-eds and interest pieces from throughout the net.

OpEdNews.Com - The progressive answer to Drudge, this site is a collection of some of the best progressive editorialists in the country.


Sites for alternative news and media - Table of Contents page

t r u t h o u t | News Politics

TPMCafe || The Coffee House

The Huffington Post

Watching America

Liberals vs. Conservatives - online discussion forum

World Peace Herald

Just for fun - Your daily dosage of links

The Onion

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja


My Blogads network (Liberal Prose) - One helluva online mag!




Making Light

Bitch, Ph.D.

Shakespeare's Sister

Lawyers, Guns and Money


Dependable Renagade

Michael Berube Online

Susie Bright's Journal

Glorious Noise

Lance Mannion

Echidne of the snakes

The Republic of T.

D r i f t g l a s s

Dohiyi Mir

The Tattered Coat

Pesky' apostrophe

By Neddie Jingo!

Science and Politics

Politics Junky

Brother Kenya's Paradigm